Chassis Service A – K




Alaska Spring & Performance
600 East 48th Ave.
Anchorage, Alaska 99503  (click for map)
Comments: Performed Alignment, Balancing, upgrade springs and Sway bar Fabrication of specialize parts. These guys are the ones that do most of the repairs to TT and Motorhomes that break suspension parts.  If they have room they let you overnight in the parking lot while they fix your broken toy.

Freightliner of Alaska
222 W. 92nd Ave.
Anchorage, Alaska 99515  (click for map)
Phone: (800)478-3238


Group One Motorwerks
3412 N Dodge Blvd
Tucson, Az  85716  (click for map)
Phone: 520-887-6335
Date of Service: 5/9/19
Service Performed: Fuel leak, located and fixed in less then 1 hr with no appt!
Evaluation of Service: Highly recommending Group One Motorwerks in Tucson for any and all Mercedes rv Mechanical needs. The Mercedes actual dealership in Tucson was of no use to us as we  are on our Eastwardly travel, but Group One Got us in immediately and had us buttoned up and on the road in less time then it took is to have a cup of coffee and at a very fair price.
Submitted by: Sam Hart

Mercedes-Benz Flagstaff
525 North Switzer Canyon Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86001 (click for map)
Sales: 928-220-7440 | Service: 928-220-7440
Submitted by: Karen Malis-Clark

Mercedes-Benz of Chandler
7450 W Orchid Ln (click for map)
Chandler, AZ  85226
Phone: +1-480-421-4500
Comments: Incredibly helpful when we had a problem, and also handled a warranty issue when we were traveling the southwest. We damaged the driver’s side mirror at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in a “mirror kiss” with another camper. MB of Chandler did all they could to make it a non-issue by ordering parts and having them there by the time we arrived. While enroute to Chandler, the DEF sensor failed. They took care of both. Probably the most professional dealership we’ve ever encountered.
Submitted by: David Kao

Comments: We were stranded along AZ I-10 with a transmission problem on our 2015 Unity TB. We arranged a tow 100 miles back to Chandler, arriving at midnight.  The M-B dealership got us in when their service department opened at 8 am and had us back on the road by 2:30 pm.
Bill in service went to great lengths to obtain the needed parts for what was a complicated diagnosis and repair. He kept us apprised of the process throughout, the waiting area was lovely (they have their own on-site cafe!) and we couldn’t have been happier.
Our repair was done under the original M-B warranty.
Submitted by: Christine Frederick

Date of Service: 12/20/2018
Service Performed: Replace both NOx sensors
Evaluation of Service: We called M-B of Chandler out of the blue when we started getting NOx sensor errors on a cross-country trip (actually, we read a lot of online reviews before choosing them). We called in the afternoon and got a choice of a 7:20 or a 9:00 appointment next day. They assigned us a service manager named Bill Stamper, and he was smart, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly – a very good guy! They had the job done by early afternoon even though both sensors wouldn’t come out until they hit the bungs with a torch. The removal made the threads nasty, and they went out to pick up the correct tap so they could chase the threads. Nice clean work! I had lots of time to talk with Bill about the repair and M-B things in general. After the repair, the mechanic and his assistant came out and I got the full blow-by-blow about how difficult the job had been – they were worried they’d destroy another $5000 of parts in removing the sensors, but they pulled the job off nicely in the end. So this was as pleasant as a $2100 emergency on-the-road repair could be.
Submitted by: Peter Tourin

Date of Service: 1/14/2019
Service Performed: Service A (including oil change, replace fuel filter and brake line fish)
Evaluation of Service: I went for Service A (20,000 miles), and was very pleased with MB of Chandler.   It took less than 2 hours, and I was charged exactly the quoted amount ($677), which was several hundred dollars less than another dealer’s quote.  Bill Stamper, their Sprinter service specialist, was great.
Submitted by: Larry Horton

AG Auto Mobile Service
Mobile Service for RVs and Gas, Import & Diesel
Yuma, AZ
Phone: 928-581-9167
Date of Service: 2/6/20
Service Performed: Trouble shooting coach batteries/solonoid issue
Evaluation of Service: Alfonzo Gonzalez is proprietor.  Top notch customer service: answered call, returns phone calls. Prioritizes RV repairs for folks “passing through”. We had called 6 RV repair places in Yuma and Phoenix and all had 2 month waiting lists. Alfonzo met us at the Interstate Battery store 9:00 the morning after we set up the apt.  He’s got 25 years as head mechanic with Ford, has a BS from Technical School. Very experienced and knowledgeable .  Charged us $50 for one hour. If we had needed a new battery he would have purchased it and passed along his wholesale savings to us.
Submitted by: Mary Nelson



Autobahn Motors
700 Island Parkway
Belmont, CA  94002  (click for map)
Phone: 800-585-5661
Date of Service: 8/1/2018
Service Performed: Service A
Evaluation of Service: Great service, provided a loaner, way over priced for service performed, but this is California.
Submitted by: Jeff Backes

Hoehn Mercedes-Benz
5475 Car Country Dr.
Carlsbad, CA 92008   (click for map)
Comments: They have a dedicated Sprinter department. We’ve had good service from them (mostly routine stuff, of course!)
Submitted by: Wendy Uncles

Mercedes-Benz of San Diego
7905 Dagget St
San Diego, CA  92111  (click for map)
Phone: 858-223-4252
Comments: Mercedes of San Diego has a Sprinter service garage that’s completely separate from the regular Mercedes dealership, and is located several blocks away. They have their own appointment book and service advisors. When you get there, it’s a big garage with a small sign that says something like “Commercial Sprinter Service”, and doesn’t mention the Mercedes dealership. Every other Sprinter there was a commercial work truck.
It was easy to get an appointment. I called on Friday, with a check engine light and needing a Service A, and got an appointment for Monday.  Drop off was quick (I was the only person there). The work was completed same day, including changing out the DEF tank (the source of the check engine light). Pick up was also quick.
I was charged $207 for an oil change. I think the only service advisor there is Nick. Nick and I discussed beforehand that I didn’t have enough miles to need a full “Service A”, so he wrote it up as an oil change. But then they actually did a full A service for $207.
Overall, very happy. I think I found my chassis service place.
Submitted by: Ann Patterson

Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach
2300 East Spring Street
Signal Hill, CA 90755   (click for link)
Comments: Very attentive to customers and their needs.
Submitted by: David Camp

Mercedes Benz of Temecula
40910 Temecula Center Dr
Temecula, CA 92591  (click for map)
Phone: 951-435-8629
Date of Service: February 2019
Service Performed: Warranty, exhaust pressure sensor
Evaluation of Service: – Next day appointment.
– 4 hours to diagnose and repair.
– warranty work to replace pressure sensor. Check engine light intermittent.  $1,200 for repair but was covered by warranty.
– friendly employees. Comfortable waiting area. Shuttle.
Submitted by: Doug

Mobile German Auto Works
Santa Cruz, CA.
Phone: 831-419-9419
Comments: Called these guys when our “Check Engine” light came on in the middle of CA.   When the closest 2 Mercedes dealers said they couldn’t see us for at least a week, we called these guys.  The tech  said he’s meet us at our RV site no matter what time we arrived and they even called us while on the road to make sure we were doing okay.  He met us at our RV site after dark, diagnosed the issue right away and cleared the error code.  They are a mobile service specializing in German autos, including our Sprinter Vans, and service a wide area of Northern CA from Monterey to Santa Cruz. Mobile service to: West Cliff, Pasa Tiempo, Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, La Selva Beach, Watsonville, Pajaro Dune, Monterey Dunes, Hacienda Carmel, Carmel Village, Salinas, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Mountain View and surrounding communities.
Submitted by: Romy Ritter

Keyes European
5400 Van Nuys Blvd
Van Nuys, CA 91401, California  91401  (click for map)
Phone: 833-478-9408
Date of Service: 10/2018
Service Performed: oil change, new key
Evaluation of Service: I was able to bring it when I wanted, they will drop off or pick you up with Uber, service was quick and professionally handled. They have a whole indoor sprinter service section with proper lifts and massive ceiling height to accommodate sprinter based RVs, service is open Monday through Saturday.
Submitted by: Bob Damico

Mercedes-Benz San Jose
3000 E. Capital Expy
San Jose, CA  95148  (click for map)
Phone: 408-214-3009
Date of Service: Sept. 2018
Service Performed: Wheel alignment and tire installation
Evaluation of Service: Booked appointment 1 week ahead of time.  I purchased tires from Americas Tires, Michelin’s
– about 4 hours to complete
– $30 each tire to mount and balance. Alignment approx $180.
– Bill Beller service advisor
Submitted by: Doug

Mobile Mercedes Doctor
2235 Old Middlefield Way, Ste. E
Mountain View, CA  94043
Phone: (650)331-7229
Date of Service: March 2021
Service Performed: Service A
Evaluation of Service: Mobile service in SF Bay Area. Jon Iverson is a former Mercedes dealer tech. He drives a Sprinter full of tools to your home. Very conscientious, knowledgeable.

1004 Lakeville St
Petaluma, Ca  94952
PHONE: 707-766-0272
CHASSIS TYPE: FTB, 2019 Ford Diesel
SERVICE PERFORMED: Changed oil & filter
EVALUATION OF SERVICE: This is fast oil change shop with large enough doors for the LTV.
I used them because I could not find a Ford fleet dealer within 100 miles to do this service.  Out of 6 I called only one would work on a RV, and it was too far away.
Work done on time as scheduled, fair price, with my supplied oil & filter.
Would go back.

El Cajon Ford
1595 E Main Street
El Cajon, CA  92021
PHONE: 833-401-0282
CHASSIS TYPE: 2019 Ford Diesel
DATE OF SERVICE: 03-13-2021
SERVICE PERFORMED: Oil & Filter change
EVALUATION OF SERVICE: Made an appointment online a couple of days before but they do take vehicles without an appt for an oil change.  Dropped my Wonder off and picked up in 2 hours.
$152 with 12 qts synthetic oil and oil filter
All too happy to work on Transit based RVs
There are a couple of restaurants within walking distance.


Mercedes-Benz of Littleton
8070 South Broadway
Littleton, CO. 80122  (click for map)
Phone: 303-738-7700
Comments: We had the first Sprinter Schedule A on our gently pre-owned 2016 LTV Unity TB in June 2017 (13,367 miles), which we got at 7500 miles). As over a year and half had passed, service is suggested annually or at various mileage points. Easy and quick schedule for our service (drop-off in morning; pickup at 5pm) which included standard schedule A (oil/filter change; full safety inspection;etc) and refill AD-Blue. Est total parts: $377; Labor: $270; haz waste: $29;mis taxes: $29; total cost: $704 (I know its a lot but very professional and I don’t know any maintenance).
NOTE: This shop has an overnight service dept too, so you could drop at 5pm (stay at friend’s or motel) and pickup first thing in morning. Speak to DC the service mgr (great and helpful professional).
Submitted by: Jim Musante
Also recommended by: Jim Van Namee

Mercedes-Benz Westminster
10391 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CO 80020  (click for map)
Main: 720-539-7725 Service: 720-627-6412
Submitted by: Bill Semion

Mercedes Benz of Loveland
4040 Byrd Dr
Loveland, Colorado 80538  (click for map)
Phone: 855-249-7828
Date of Service: August 2018
Service Performed: Recall
Evaluation of Service: We are from Scottsdale, AZ. We have a 2018 Unity FX. We were on our way to visit Family in Fort Collins, Colorado when our check engine light came on near Colorado Springs (0nly 2,000 miles on our Unity). We drove a bit slower until we got to Fort Collins, as no Denver or Colorado Springs dealerships couId get us in. So I called the Loveland Mercedes dealership’s service department on a Friday. They got us in at 7am on Monday morning and we picked it up 3 hours later.  First class operation.  No charge, everything under warranty of course.
Submitted by: Larry Hevner



District of Columbia


Mercedes-Benz of Naples
501 Airport Pulling Rd S
Naples, FL 34104   (click for map)
Comments: Full service dealer, very good.
Submitted by: John Silvio

Crown Eurocars
8302 US Highway 19 N
Pinellas Park, FL 33781 (click for map)
Phone: 866-328-9610
Date of Service: December 2018
Service Performed: Diagnosed and repaired speed sensor fault
Evaluation of Service: Certified Sprinter/MB dealership diagnosed a difficult problem with my LTV wheel speed sensors.  After replacing speed sensors which did not fix fault, they traced problem to chaffed wiring shorting out intermittently to body frame.  This also burned out the ABS hydraulic/electronic module.  They drained brake fluid, replaced module (3 day wait), bled the brakes, and thoroughly tested the vehicle.  All was covered under the Mercedes-Sprinter extended warranty (we had 37,000 miles on vehicle).  Dealer concierge drove me home (12 miles) when they found that they needed to keep vehicle a few days.  Facility customer lounge is nice with free coffee, wifi, TV, and comfortable seating.  All things considering, my experience was good and I would recommend them for LTV Sprinter repair.
Submitted by: John Wood

Mercedes-Benz North Orlando
1100 Rinehart Rd
Sanford, FL 32771  (click for map)
Phone: 407-710-5111
Submitted by: Alex Anderson

Mercedes-Benz of Sarasota
4754 Clark Rd
Sarasota, FL  34233  (click for map)
Phone: 866-635-5205
Comments: Had alignment work done here under warranty.  Very pleased .
Submitted by: Alan McNeish

European Starr
607 Colonia Lane
Nokomis, Florida  34275  (click for map)
Phone: 941-485-0802
Comments: Installed rear sway bar and Sumo springs .Very pleased .
Submitted by: Alan McNeish

Capital EuroCars
3705 W Tennessee St
Tallahassee, FL  32304  (click for map)
Phone: 850-574-3777
Date of Service: 11/27/18
Service Performed: Oil change and checking fluids, check tires
Evaluation of Service: We called one day and they worked us in the following morning. It took about 3 1/2 hours, but that was because of the work in and they also brought it out washed. We had our puppy with us and they were very kind and even had treats for her. Free WiFi, coffee, sodas, water and snacks. Very clean and service rep was awesome.

Mercedes-Benz of Wesley Chapel
2383 Willow Oak Dr.
Wesley Chapel, Florida  33544  (click for map)
Phone: 813-345-3550
Date of Service: October 25, 2018
Service Performed: Power Steering pump plus belts replaced
Evaluation of Service: I had to be towed in via Mercedes Roadside Service but called the service dept to let them know  ahead of time.  Tow truck got vehicle there at 6:45 PM.  Service closes at 7:00 PM but they took me in to check problem which was a cracked power steering pump.  Both belts had come off the engine.  They had no stock on the pump and ordered replacement that night.  3 day delivery from Jacksonville, FL  They let me boondock (no connections) in a back secured/monitored parking lot.  They offered a courtesy car for me to drive which I did not need.  I slept in my LTV for 2 nights there and walked to local restaurant for 1 meal, since I had enough other food in LTV.  Local OTA TV reception from Tampa was good.  Dealership has nice customer lounge with coffee, donuts, wifi, TV, and comfortable leather couches.  They have several large door service bays.  Service manager, Brian Gerharz, was very courteous and efficient.  They repaired the vehicle as promised and all was covered under the warranty.  It is a nice facility and I recommend it.
Submitted by: John Wood

Sprinter Van City
3151 N US Highway 1
Ft Pierce, Florida    (click for map)
Phone: 772-461-7433
Date of Service: 5/21/19
Service Performed: ABS sensor and general maintenance
Evaluation of Service: They got me in the next day and had the work completed in 2 days.
Submitted by: Bobbee Larsson

Mercedes Benz of Melbourne
509 East NASA Boulevard
Melbourne, Fl  32901  (click for map)
Phone: 800-719-6638
Date of Service: 11/1/19
Service Performed: Software update to driver and passenger seat
Submitted by: Jim Dowling


Critz Mercedes
7000 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31406   (click for map)
Phone: 912-354-7000
Date of Service: April 2019
Service Performed: Servicing and air bag replacement
Evaluation of Service: Has serviced my 2017  LTV Unity & handled recall for air bag replacement.   Great service, courteous & pleasant  facility
Submitted by: Nick Gardner

RBM of Atlanta
7640 Roswell Rd
Atlanta, GA  30350
PHONE: 770-390-0700
My contact was Charles Chatneuff 770-390-0600
CHASSIS TYPE: 2020 Mercedes
SERVICE PERFORMED: Recall on software
EVALUATION OF SERVICE:  Wait times to schedule RV appointments @1-2 weeks
Great service!  Also bought our car here from Kay Goggins. Have been a VERY happy customer for 16 years
SUBMITTED BY: Tamra Toussaint



Lyle Pearson Mercedes-Benz
351 Auto Dr
Boise, ID  83709  (click for map)
Phone: 208-377-3900
Date of Service: 5/2/2019
Service Performed: Software update to clear check engine light
Evaluation of Service: Check engine light came on, so we had it towed through the Leisure 24 months free service.  Service coordinator, Jackson said this could have caused the vehicle to go into “limp mode”, so it was good to have it towed in.  Service was under warranty, but they did charge to have drive line reconnected. $100 plus $14 for the nuts.  (Nuts are single-use and should not be reused.) They were very accommodating.  Jackson squeezed us in, and we were on our way again by noon.   He gave us the inspection we had them do for free.
Submitted by: Carol Taylor

Shorty’s Super Towing
Mountain Home, ID
Phone: 208-599-4614
Date of Service: 5/1/2019
Service Performed: 90-Mile Tow from Bliss to Boise, ID
Evaluation of Service: Leisure 24 month service arranged the tow.  The owner, Rob Montomery knew how to tow our Sprinter, disconnecting the drive line and towing ours with the front wheels off the ground.  He was personable, and we had a pleasant chat on the way.  He gave us some information about the area around the dealer too.  His dinner was seriously delayed to help us out.
Submitted by: Carol Taylor


Mercedes-Benz of St. Charles
225 North Randall Rd
St. Charles, IL 60174  (click for map)
Sales: (888) 459-2190 | Service: (630) 485-2300
Comments: Very reasonable price on oil change – last one was $115.
Submitted by: Gary Hirsch


Benz Tech
30338 County Rd 12
Elkhart, In  46514
Phone: 574-343-2000 or 574-273-3320
Date of Service: November 2019
Service Performed: ABS sensor replacement
Evaluation of Service: Theses guys are great. Their business is built around servicing sprinter vans and Mercedes cars. You will not be disappointed I can assure you.

World Wide Motors, Inc
3900 E 96TH ST
Indianapolis, IN  46240
Phone: 317-580-6800
Date of Service: 10/01/2019
Service Performed: Replace faulty Right Front Speed Sensor
Evaluation of Service: I called the Service Dept to try and schedule an appointment. They indicated they were booked up for 2 weeks.  I explained that I was on vacation from Florida and the dash was showing several warning indicators. Service Advisor  David Zeis, said to bring vehicle to them at 7:00 AM the next morning and they would try to get me in on an emergency basis, provided not too many other people were also showing up for an emergency repair.  I arrived at 6:40 AM and they wrote me up at 6:45 AM.  They have a nice lounge with free wifi, coffee or tea.  I could not see anyplace to walk to for breakfast.  It took about 3 hours to repair the vehicle.  Repairs were covered under the extended warranty or emissions warranty (5 years). Mileage was 46036.  I had no further warning indicators the rest of my vacation.  Note: on the service invoice, the hourly rate was listed at $154/hr, so if you are coming in for non-warranty repairs, be aware.  Otherwise the shop personnel were professional and got the job done.  Also, note that there was a lot of construction on and around the property making it a little difficult to get out of the facility at 10:00 AM.  The location is north Indianapolis near Carmel, Indiana.
Submitted by: John Wood

Mercedes Benz of Tampa
4400 N Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, Florida  33614
PHONE: 813-543-8419
CHASSIS TYPE: 2020 Mercedes
SERVICE PERFORMED: Alignment, NAV Update, other….
EVALUATION OF SERVICE: Scheduled for less than a day.  Ended up chasing a minor drive line noise (M/B aware of issue and investigating..)
These folks have been servicing M/Bs for me for the past 8 years.  A very busy place. …stable staff…been working with the same service director (John Silver) and service manager (Fernando Muniz) from day one.  Excellent lead Sprinter Tech (Cory).  All leadership willing to talk and intervene.  They understand RVs and are willing to work with coach builders on non/MB issues if appropriate.  Again, a very busy place, but worth the wait.  Will work emergencies in and get you going…in my case even on a Saturday afternoon on one occasion.
SUBMITTED BY: Robert Rusczyk


Carousel Motors
809 Highway 1 West
Iowa City, IA 52246  (click for map)
Service: (866) 979-0703 Parts: (877) 316-0908
Comments: We have only been there for our first service appointment — oil change, but it’s great that they are so close to home!
Submitted by: Ann Dudler



Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell
2100 Dixie Hwy
Fort Mitchell, Ky 41011  (click for map)
Service: 859-331-1500
Submitted by: Steve Zoller

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