A couple LTV owners have offered to share modifications they have done to their vans. If you’d like to share something you’ve done to make your Leisure Travel Van more livable, please put together a PDF file that includes what you did, how you did it and some photos of the process and send to colleen.easley50 ‘at’ gmail dot com.  If you don’t know how to make a PDF, send your file as a Word document and I’ll convert it to a PDF for you.

We’d also like to hear of any “fixes” you found for problems with your LTV.

Baggage Door Strut Bracket Repair SOP02515

Insulated Cab Separation Curtains
by Colleen Easley

Carefree Awning Adjustment
by Dale and Colleen Easley

Lagun Table Install in Unity TB or IB
by Dale and Colleen Easley

Murphy Bed Porthole Installation
by Mark Verwys

Microwave – Convection Oven Replacement
by Mark Verwys

How To Add FX Auxiliary Water Tank
by Mark Verwys

Chaise Extension Installation Instructions
by Mark Verwys


Service Centers and Driveway Camping for Leisure Travel Van Owners.