This website is a private endeavor to assist the Leisure Travel Van community when they are in need of repairs.  The site is broken down into two categories; Chassis and House.

There are links to the left for repairs to your Chassis in both the USA and Canada.  This includes things like the engine, brakes, and suspension for either the Fords or the Mercedes Chassis.

There are separate USA and Canada links for RV Repair shops for items related to the House portion of your LTV like refrigerator, furnace, or water heater.


There is also a  Add Repair Shop page that lets you add and review shops you  have used.  These can be physical repair shops or mobile repair businesses.  The site can only be successful if everyone takes the time to keep adding more information.  If a shop you have used is already listed, please add it again with your comments.  While you’re at it, you can double check the address and phone number in case they have changed since the last entry.  We’ll then add your comments to the existing entry. (Poor reviews are also encouraged to help others make better decisions about using a particular shop.)

Each time you fill out the Add a Repair Shop form, the site managers will review that information and place it on the appropriate page for other owners to use as a resource when looking for a repair shop in that area. We ask that you list what chassis you have, Ford or Mercedes and the year.


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Note: This site is a community effort to support owners of Leisure Travel Vans and is not sponsored by or affiliated with Triple E Recreational Vehicles or Leisure Travel Vans.